Who We Are

We are accomplished restaurant and design professionals dedicated to the art of modern provincial Chinese cuisine and to a harmonious blend that connects past to present. We reject easy definitions, and wholeheartedly embrace China’s emerging international standing as a leader in innovation, design and hospitality. As a group, we seek to provide our guests with food, service and design experiences that are both accessible and adventurous. Our ultimate goal is to help create a world of peace and health, to connect people and to make our planet a better place to live.

Our Culinary Team

We are also culinary and cooking experts who consider modern provincial Chinese cuisine to be among life’s highest callings. To feed our passion, we have formed close working relationships with top Chinese chefs, and culinary schools in the U.S. and China to allow us to stay abreast of Chinese food trends and attract the best and brightest culinary stars of the future.

Our Guests

Our Guests will come from all walks of life, and share our love for great food that is prepared and presented with passion. Our Guests are quality seekers who expect the best in freshness, authenticity, adventure, service and value. Each is a person with whom we will create a lifelong relationship grounded in a two-way dialogue about Chinese art, food, design and health. In the end, our Guests will become a part of our restaurant and the EAST 180 story itself.

Our Menu

Sorry, no fortune cookies, Chop Suey or General Tso’s Chicken here. EAST 180 is not your ubiquitous American Chinese or “pan-Asian” restaurant. We’ll offer a pan-Chinese experience grounded in and dedicated to showcasing the best in Chinese regional cuisine – not Chinese as it has been stereotyped, but how it is constantly evolving.

Our menu is based in Chinese provincial cooking traditions that appeal to our daily guest as well as those seeking bold new adventures in Chinese cuisine. EAST 180 lunch and dinner creations will emphasize fresh, seasonable and sustainable ingredients. Separate small-plates, Chinese grill, seafood and daily chef’s tasting menus will feature healthy, innovative incarnations of existing Chinese preparations drawn from the eight main Chinese regional cuisines (often known as the Eight Great Traditions).

Wine, Beer & Cocktails

We are taking great care to integrate the emerging popularity of wine in China into the EAST 180 experience. We are working closely with California vintners and importers to pair a wide range of wines to our entrees to provide a more enriching taste, flavor and aroma experience. Our Guests will be able to select from more than 25 hand-selected labels we pour by the glass. Our bar offers an exciting selection of specialty cocktails, Chinese and domestic beers, and authentic Chinese rice wines.

Tea Service

The Chinese take tea very seriously. The art of tea drinking and production are woven into innumerable legends and countless traditions. EAST 180 is equally committed to integrated tea into the dining experience. Specific teas are being chosen to accompany our menu items – and even our teapots will reflect the type and origin of each variety.

The selection of the proper tea as Chinese art form is best captured in the following ancient poem:

From the Chinese Tea Classic Ch’a-su

Suitable moments for drinking tea:

  • When we are interrupted while contemplating
  • During a good conversation deep into the night
  • When there is a light soft drizzle
  • With agreeable friends and slim concubines
  • When the children are at school
  • In a bamboo grove on a spring evening
  • Under unusual rocks

Unsuitable moments:

  • At the theatre
  • While opening letters
  • When the children are not at school
  • In torrential rain

To be avoided when drinking tea:

  • Sullen servants
  • Bad waters
  • Money worries
  • Large gatherings

To be avoided at all costs:

  • Shrieking children
  • Squabbling women
  • Garrulous people
  • Noisy streets

The EAST 180 E-Club

The EAST180 E-Club gives us the opportunity to create an ongoing dialogue with our Guests and learn more about their tastes, preferences and stories. As an E-Club member, you will be asked to provide input about your dining experiences and menu suggestions. But beyond that, the E-Club allows you to tell us how Chinese cooking, culture and lifestyle influence you and your world.

Membership does have its rewards. E-Club members will be the first to receive regular updates about what’s new at EAST 180 as well as invites to our special events and celebrations. We’ll also keep track of your important dates, anniversaries and food and beverage preferences so that we can help you celebrate with personalized service and complementary touches.

To join the EAST 180 E-Club, simply enter your email address into the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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